5 Shocking Moments From the ‘Succession’ Series Finale 

The final chapter of the HBO drama series sees the Roy siblings band together in an attempt to stop Gojo’s acquisition of Waystar Royco

Jeremy Strong on "Succession" (Credit: HBO)

Note: The following story contains spoilers from the “Succession” series finale.

Logan Roy’s successor was finally revealed during Sunday’s high-stakes “Succession” finale.

The episode, titled “With Open Eyes,” sees Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Shiv (Sarah Snook) head into a contentious board meeting to determine the next chief executive of Waystar Royco and attempt to stop the company’s merger with Lukas Matsson’s (Alexander Skarsgård) GoJo.

Read below for TheWrap’s roundup of the top five shocking moments from the HBO drama series’ conclusion:

Matsson Recruiting Tom as Waystar’s American CEO

The first major shocker of the episode came during a meeting between Matsson and Tom (Matthew MacFadyen), where the former revealed he is planning to betray Shiv and appoint the latter as the company’s new chief executive to stick it to the Roys.

“I’m not looking for a partner, I’m looking for a frontman,” Matsson told Tom.

News quickly travels to the Roy children through Greg (Nicholas Braun) that a new CEO was being selected, prompting Shiv to immediately call Matsson — who didn’t answer her call.

The Roy Siblings Settled Their Differences — Anointing Kendall Their Choice for CEO

As the Roy siblings strategized their next move to stop Matsson, the trio ultimately decided that Kendall was the best suited to take over the chief executive job and that they would vote to block the GoJo merger.

To celebrate, Kendall, Shiv and Roman decide to make a meal “fit for a king” — a rare moment of the three siblings actually getting along.

Tom Revealed to Shiv that He’s the New CEO — and Gets Into a Fight With Greg

The fight between Matsson and the Roys came to a head when Tom revealed to Shiv that he had been chosen as the new CEO, causing an angry Shiv to run to her brothers to share the news.

After realizing he’d been sold out by Greg, Tom asked him to talk in private and the pair broke out into a fight. Word quickly traveled back to Matsson, who told his team to be prepared for the Roy’s attempt to stop the GoJo deal.

Shiv Switched Sides — Again

After launching a board vote to kill the GoJo deal, the final decision came down to Shiv, who considered switching teams and allowing the GoJo merger to happen. Shiv and Roman brought up Kendall killing the caterer back in Season 1 as the reason not to go forward with the plan, and the trio’s alliance fell apart in an instant.

After a heated exchange, Kendall and Roman broke into a fight and Shiv stormed out of the room. Kendall ran back into the board meeting in an attempt to adjourn it, but is too late after Frank (Peter Friedman) revealed that Shiv had voted in favor of the GoJo deal.

A Sopranos-style ending

“Succession” ends with Roman alone by himself at a bar, Shiv and Tom sitting silently in a car moments after Tom had been named the new CEO of Waystar — seemingly back together — and a defeated Kendall sitting down on a park bench, looking out at the water with nowhere to go as the episode cut to black.

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