Sue Simmons, Anchor in F-Word Flap, Leaving New York’s WNBC (Report)

Anchor famous to New Yorkers is better known online for a cursed question

Sue Simmons, the veteran anchor of New York's WNBC who is more famous nationally for an on-air curse that became a viral sensation, is being cut from the network, the New York Post reported.

Columnist Cindy Adams, a friend of Simmons, broke the news Wednesday that her contract has not been renewed and that she will leave the station in June. Simmons, 68, has won four Emmys since joining the station in 1980.

But she is better known to fans of news flubs for a moment when she shouted "What the fuck are you doing?" during a 2008 promo. (That was also the year she and Scarborough celebrated their 28th year on-air together.)

Simmons didn't realize she was live on the air and apologized during the night's 11 p.m. newscast. 

Watch the video of the flub: