Sue Sylvester Gets an Unpleasant Surprise in ‘Glee’ Sneak Peak (Exclusive Video)

Jane Lynch’s character finally reaps what she sows in Friday’s episode

McKinley High principal Sue Sylvester’s extracurricular activities are catching up to her on tonight’s episode of “Glee,” and she answers for them in a bombshell preview video exclusive to TheWrap.

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera guest stars as an investigative reporter who exposes some skeletons in Sylvester’s (Jane Lynch) closet, and they include some shocking sexy pics. This doesn’t go over well with the superintendent, though, and Sue must defend herself for her past misdeeds.

“I don’t see how my personal forms of recreation have negatively impacted my job performance,” Sylvester says.

Nevertheless, the superintendent gives Sue the boot.

“After I saw your locker vendetta and pornographic spread, I cannot allow you near the students of McKinley. Or any other young people, anywhere, ever,” he says.

“You’re fired.”

See if Sue Sylvester can get her job back on “Glee” the end of the episode Friday at 9/8c.