Captain Sully Plays Tom Hanks in Biopic Parody ‘Hanks’ (Video)

“Sully” subject stars in trailer for fake movie on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Landing a crashing plane in the Hudson River and not losing a single passenger is easy, but what about playing Academy Award winner Tom Hanks? Captain Chesley Sullenberger got the chance to do just that last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” turning the tables on the man playing him in “Sully.”

Sullenberger, who could probably have a profitable second act as a voice-over actor at the very least, was delightfully game, perfectly capturing Hanks’ affable cockiness in his floppy-haired youth for the fake biopic “Hanks.” (Coming to theaters on Hanks-giving 2016, obviously.)

“Chesley Sullenberger, I used to have such respect for you,” Hanks cracked after seeing the biopic parody trailer. “Do I really sound like that?”

“He nailed you,” Kimmel responded.

As Captain Sully pointed out, at least no one was physically hurt as a result of his “bad acting.” And given the positive “Sully” reviews and decent box office start, maybe a full-length version of “Hanks” starring Sullenberger isn’t the worst idea in the world, though Kimmel’s proposed budget of $90 million might be a bit much.

Watch the trailer for “Hanks” above, and enjoy Hanks’ old “Bosom Buddies” pal Peter Scolari turning up to (briefly) steal the scene.