Summer Blockbuster Season Is Lost: What About the Rest of 2020?

To salvage some sort of revenue, Hollywood may have to try a release strategy that’s never been tried before

Just a month ago, studios and movie theaters felt optimistic that some part of the lucrative summer blockbuster season could be salvaged. Now, that hope has been extinguished, and without some luck and a lot of planning, the rest of 2020 could be in jeopardy, as well.

Over the past week, Warner Bros. and Disney announced that “Tenet” and “Mulan,” the two tentpole releases still clinging to hopes of hitting theaters in July or August, have been indefinitely postponed as COVID-19 infections continue to rise in more than 30 states, including California and Florida. Meanwhile, states like New York that have suppressed the virus and reopened some businesses continue to keep theaters closed.

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Jeremy Fuster

Box Office Reporter • • Twitter: @jeremyfuster

Trey Williams

Film Reporter covering the biz • • Twitter: @trey3williams