Super Tuesday: Watch 9 Key YouTube Clips for Trump, Clinton, Sanders and Cruz (Video)

On the biggest day in the primary season, catch up on candidates’ key moments, including an eagle messing up Donald Trump’s hair and Hillary Clinton bonding with Ellen DeGeneres

Donald Trump Eagle Featured Image2

The “Official Donald Trump Jam” spawned a viral hit you can’t out of your head — whether you like it or not. This clip of the “Freedom Girls” performance has more than 5 million views.

Hillary Clinton’s official video announcing herself as a candidate for the first time has been watched 4.8 million times.

A tear-jerker montage of American families and workers is the Bernie Sanders campaign’s most viewed clip, with 3.2 million views.

When Time picked Trump as its Person of the Year, they posed him with a bald eagle that rearranged Donald’s “do” and staked a claim on his aspirin.

Without the name recognition of Clinton or Trump, one of Sanders most popular videos summarizes who he is him and why he’s running in two minutes.

Ted Cruz took advantage of the holiday spirit to post a satirical story-time skit that has netted his official YouTube page 1.9 million views.

Get comfortable — a 51-minute video officially launching Trump’s campaign has been watched more than 1.8 million times. (How many people viewed the whole thing is something only YouTube parent Google knows.)

HBO talk host Bill Maher grilled Sanders on what socialism really means

Clinton joined Ellen DeGeneres in New York to talk about sexism, Kanye running for president and her granddaughter’s first words.