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Super Bowl Surprise! Ryan Kavanaugh's Getting Hitched

The irrepressible young mogul proposed to his ballet dancer-girlfriend at the Super Bowl. Guess what she said?


I tracked down Ryan Kavanaugh on a plane and asked where the hell he's been the last couple of weeks.

"I'm engaged!' is what came back from the exuberant filmmaking financier.

'Bout time. Kavanaugh, 36, has been dating the ballet dancer-choreographer Britta Lazenga for about two years. She's about 8 feet tall, stunning, graceful and charming (which does not explain what she's doing with him).

Apparently, the Relativity CEO figured that out. So he made a move with dramatic impact in mind,  proposing to Lazenga during halftime at the Super Bowl in Dallas . 

Lazenga dances and choreographs with the L.A. Ballet while Kavanaugh travels the globe building his film empire.

But there' a football backstory: Lazenga, 28, is a diehard Steelers fan. So much so that she apparently was baptized at a Steelers game as a baby. So Kavanaugh figured it was the place to make a commitment. He dropped to one knee and proposed -- that and a three-carat diamond ring seemed to do the trick. (She said yes.)

Lazenga takes Kavanaugh away from his carousing past, when he was known to dabble in controlled substances and serially romance actresses.

All that's behind him. Will it be long before there are little Kavanaughs running around?

"I'm getting ready," he said.