‘Supergirl’: Azie Tesfai and Chyler Leigh ‘Laughed ‘Til We Cried’ While Making Out in Their Costumes

“These are things you never think about until you’re a superhero,” Tesfai jokes with TheWrap

Azie Chyler
Photo: The CW

Alex Danvers and Kelly Olsen are really nailing this whole “power couple” — minus the powers, obviously — thing on “Supergirl.” And now that they’re engaged, the women are happier and more in love than ever. But according to series star Azie Tesfai, the PDA part of their relationship was actually the toughest to get through shooting.

To be clear though, that toughness wasn’t because they weren’t enjoying themselves. As we saw at this week’s bachelorette party (however brief it was), Dansen clearly have the time of their lives together. The difficulty really just came from the fact that Tesfai and Chyler Leigh were struggling to remain serious enough to get the shots needed for these final episodes — particularly when they were fully suited up.

“[Chyler’s] suit against leather makes a lot of noise — leather seats — and I’ve never seen her laugh harder than trying to be very sexy and loving and you just hear like… (Tesfai mimics leather scraping sound effects),” Tesfai told TheWrap in September. “And also, I have very dark lipstick, and like, logistics that you would never think of [with] two superheroes dating. We laughed ’til we cried. It was very, very funny.”

Leigh, who plays the Danvers half of the fan-favorite Dansen ship, warned TheWrap about the noise concern back in August, but added another cumbersome factor.

“You can’t lift your arms too high,” Leigh said. “Like, there’s only so much you can do in super suits. And granted she has a helmet. It’s interesting.”

Admittedly, Tesfai always kind of figured that superhero PDA might come with its own caveats, she just didn’t fully know what they’d be until now. The two women particularly struggled with these factors while in a smaller space.

“It’s already uncomfortable when you try to kiss somebody in a car. Imagine adding a full suit,” Tesfai said. “It’s complicated. And I always thought it’d be funny. I mean, we were like ‘These are things you never think about until you’re a superhero making out your girlfriend.’”

Of course, right now the women have bigger things to focus on, what with Lex and Nyxly kidnapping Esme this week. But with any luck — and the wrath of these two fierce moms — they’ll get her back quick, and get to their best kiss at the end of the aisle.

The two-hour “Supergirl” series finale airs on Tuesday, November 9 at 8 p.m. ET.