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Obama, Celebs Celebrate Supreme Court Ruling Allowing DACA Recipients to Continue Working and Living in US

”We may look different and come from everywhere, but what makes us American are our shared ideals,“ the former president tweeted

Celebrities and politicians took to social media to support the Supreme Court ruling Thursday allowing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients to continue living and work in the United States.

President Trump sought to end the program — created during President Obama’s administration — which protects hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to America as children — collectively called dreamers — from being deported.

Obama led the online celebration for the ruling.

“Eight years ago this week, we protected young people who were raised as part of our American family from deportation. Today, I’m happy for them, their families, and all of us. We may look different and come from everywhere, but what makes us American are our shared ideals,” Obama wrote on Twitter before adding that to continue protecting those “ideals,” Americans must elect Joe Biden, who served as his vice president, to the presidency in November.

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton urged further action: “The United States is the only home Dreamers have ever known. Today’s Supreme Court decision to uphold DACA is a happy end to the cruel uncertainty the Trump administration put these young people through. Now Congress must give them a path to citizenship.”

I literally cried tears of joy when I heard the DACA decision. The wonderful young Dreamers and their families have a huge burden lifted off their shoulders. One day they will become American citizens,” tweeted Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of the 5-4 ruling, written by Chief Justice John Roberts and joined by fellow justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor.

Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted, “Trump’s decision to end DACA was one of the ugliest and cruelest decisions ever made by a president in modern history. He lost. Congratulations to DREAMers and all who fought to make this enormous victory possible. The fight for justice continues!”

Actress Viola Davis cheered, “Now THIS is America living up to its promise!! To all you dreamers, I celebrate with you today!”

Latina singer Becky G, too, expressed joy online, writing, “Literally have tears in my eyes after seeing that the Supreme Court ruled against the trump administration & in favor of the DACA program. In the last days we’ve recieved news for our LGBTQ+  protection rights and now protection for our DREAMERS!

Supreme Court rules against Trump’s attempt to end DACA, a win for undocumented ‘Dreamers’ brought to U.S. as children,” wrote novelist Terry McMillan, adding, “HALLELUJAH! SO THERE, DONALD!”

Influencer Daisy Marquez celebrated, too: “TODAY, The Supreme Court blocked Trump from ending DACA which means 800,000 #Dreamers are now safe from Trump’s attempt to rip them away from their families and communities!!!!!!!!”

First LGBTQ rights and now DACA? I don’t think John Roberts is going to be invited to the White House Christmas party,” mused Dan Rather, referencing the Supreme Court decision from earlier in the week that an existing federal law protects gay, lesbian and transgender employees from workplace discrimination based on their sexual orientation.

Trump, however, reacted much differently, tweeting, “These horrible & politically charged decisions coming out of the Supreme Court are shotgun blasts into the face of people that are proud to call themselves Republicans or Conservatives. We need more Justices or we will lose our 2nd. Amendment & everything else. Vote Trump 2020!”

Lawrence Yee contributed to this report.