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Surfer Laird Hamilton Tackled ‘Take Every Wave’ Documentary ‘100 Percent’ (Video)

Sundance 2017: “There was no question he didn’t answer,” Director Rory Kennedy told TheWrap about Laird.

Surfer Laird Hamilton has faced down waves up to 70 feet high, but for Rory Kennedy’s documentary “Take Every Wave,” he had to completely open himself up.

“Laird approached this project much like he approaches a big wave. There are moments when it was uncomfortable, but he went in 100 percent straight in those moments,” Kennedy said to TheWrap’s Matt Donnelly.

“Take Every Wave” is the remarkable story of an American icon who changed the sport of big wave surfing forever. Transcending the surf genre, this in-depth portrait of a hard-charging athlete explores the fear, courage and ambition that push a man to greatness-and the cost that comes with it.

Kennedy said “there was no question” Hamilton didn’t answer, even going as far as to turning over his complete address book and hard drive.

“I thought this was an opportunity like the ones I’ve had, and I didn’t want to let that one get away, so I gave it every opportunity to be the best it could be by being open and providing her as much information to do what she does,” Hamilton said. “If you approach everything that way, you don’t have to look back, you just look forward.”

Watch the full interview above.