Survivors Lash Out at Time’s Up CEO Tina Tchen: She ‘Manipulated Me Like a Powerless Chess Piece’

Drew Dixon and more are calling out Tchen’s words and actions

Drew Dixon Tina Tchen TIme's Up

Survivors of sexual trauma are speaking out against Time’s Up CEO Tina Tchen after she admitted in a New York Times interview that the organization is dealing with “a broken-trust moment,” with one survivor saying she was “manipulate, bullied and smeared” by Time’s Up.

Among those speaking out is Drew Dixon, who was one of the first to come forward with sexual abuse allegations against hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons in 2017. On Sunday morning, Dixon tweeted furiously about her personal experiences with Tchen, and how she feels the CEO has treated other survivors.

“‘Contempt for survivors’ is right. @TinaTchen manipulated me like a powerless chess piece without regard for my agency as a rape survivor, and then @TIMESUPNOW received a $500,000 donation right after Oprah dropped @OnTheRecordDoc,” Dixon wrote. “So I guess harming a few survivors was worth it.”

In additional tweets, Dixon noted that Tchen “personally quarterbacked” efforts to “bury” the documentary centered around Dixon’s experiences with Simmons. “I was manipulated, bullied and smeared. It was devastating,” Dixon wrote.

On Sunday morning, Tchen issued a statement in response to the NY Times piece surrounding her leadership of Time’s Up. “We see this reporting as an opportunity to glean more insights and feedback from those who have been impacted by our organization, and we value hearing from those with varying opinions across our vast community,” Tchen said.

In response to Dixon’s tweets, Leslie Mac voiced her support, further slamming Tchen. “WE REMEMBER. Being a Woman doesn’t make you FOR Women,” Mac wrote.

Along with Dixon, other survivors and people who have worked with survivors are speaking out against Tchen. You can read more shots below.


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