‘Swarm’ Drops New Music Featuring Childish Gambino as Thriller Series Hits Prime Video

The six-song EP includes records from Kirby, Ni’Jah and show co-creator Donald Glover

Dominque Fishback and Donald Glover (Amazon Prime Video, Getty images)
Dominque Fishback and Donald Glover (Amazon Prime Video, Getty images)

The Beyoncé-inspired thriller series “Swarm” comes with an EP carrying songs from Childish Gambino, Kirby and the show’s fictional star Ni’Jah. 

If you didn’t love Beyoncé enough, now there’s a show that seems to be inspired by her and the singer’s enormous fanbase, the BeyHive. Dominique Fishback leads the eight-episode series, as obsessive and crazed fan Dre, who will go to violent lengths to defend her favorite Queen Bey-like R&B pop star Ni’Jah. 

The show dropped on Amazon’s Prime Video on Friday and features six new tracks from some of Hollywood’s biggest music talents, including the show’s co-creator Donald Glover. 

“Donald did a lot of work on songs,” “Swarm co-creator Janine Nabers told TheWrap. “There’s a lot of really incredible people who gave their voices and their talent to the series. It’s six songs, and they’re all really good.” The EP dropped on Friday, along with the series. 

In addition to the EP, “Swarm” stars rising musical acts Chlöe Bailey and seven-time Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Billie Eilish. A song from Bailey entitled “I’ll Kill You” plays at the end of the first episode. Bailey, who stars in five episodes, plays the role of Dre’s friend Marissa. 

The show also marks Eilish’s acting debut in the role of Eva, a mysterious and speculative hypnotist who is the leader of an all-woman cult that’s made a living in the woods. While on her journey to make it to Ni’jah’s concert, Dre is encouraged to visit the group after meeting one of its members at a nearby gas station. A short visit turns into a mind-bending and ultimately bloody stay, as Eva tries her best to reveal Dre’s deadly secrets. Ahead of the show’s premiere, Eilish dropped a sneak peek clip of her as Eva on her social media. 

Glover — who performs under the stage name Childish Gambino — previewed one of the tracks entitled “Sticky,” which features Kirby and Ni’jah, in a teaser for “Swarm.” It’s the latest music he’s put out in the last three years since dropping his project “3.15.20” back in 2020. 

The cast of “Swarm” includes Fishback, Bailey, Damson Idris, Paris Jackson, Leon, Nirine S. Brown, Karen Rodriguez, Rory Culkin, Kiersey Clemons, Cree Summer, X Mayo and Eilish. The series is now streaming on Prime Video.