SXSW Horror Documentary ‘The Nightmare’ Acquired by Gravitas

Rodney Ascher’s film about sleep paralysis hits theaters and VOD on June 5

Horror documentary “The Nightmare” has been acquired by Gravitas Ventures, with a North American theatrical and video-on-demand release scheduled for June 5.

The spooky doc, which will screen at SXSW 2015 on Friday evening, is directed by Rodney Ascher — who previously helmed the documentary “Room 237,” about avid Stanley Kubrick fans.

“Nightmare” is about about a real-life affliction called sleep paralysis, in which sufferers “regain consciousness but are unable to move or cry out for help.  Frequently they hear menacing noises and voices and even see intruders (human or otherwise) in the room with them.,” according to Gravitas.

“I’m thrilled that we’ve found such a fearless partner to release the film into the world at large, Gravitas is dedicated to welcoming everyone to our Nightmare and I’m excited to be working with them,” Ascher said in a statement.

“‘The Nightmare’ is uniquely chilling, it ignites what is already lurking within our own brains and lets loose all the monsters we house within,” said  Mia Bruno, Gravitas’ Director of Acquisitions.

Ascher is repped by manager Lee Stobby and CAA.