SXSW’s ‘Cold Weather’ Has the Heat

Movie by Aaron Katz has distributors circling

Last Updated: March 16, 2010 @ 10:09 PM

No deal quite yet, but heads up that there’s a lot of heat around a little thriller that debuted at SXSW, "Cold Weather. "

Apparently two screenings were sold out at the festival, and the producers are screening the film for a long list of distributors, including the Weinstein Company.

Aaron Katz is the director of a detective story about twenty-somethings knocking around Portland. It’s his third feature, and apparently a departure from his previous efforts, ‘Dance Party USA’ and ‘Quiet City.’

The film’s description goes:

After making a mess of his life in Chicago, Doug returns home to rainy Portland, Oregon to live with his more stable and responsible sister, Gail. An ex-girlfriend of Doug’s named Rachel comes to town. Doug introduces her to Carlos, and the two quickly hit it off. But when she fails to turn up for their second date, Carlos suspects something bad must have happened. Convinced of foul play, he shows up at Doug and Gail’s apartment in the middle of the night. At first Doug and Gail don’t take Carlos’s suspicions seriously, but eventually they begin to think there might be something to his claims. With Doug in the lead, relying largely on expertise gained from years of reading detective novels, they set out to investigate. What they discover is a complex trail of clues, leading them increasingly closer to the mysterious truth about Rachel.

The movie’s already got critical support from the likes of  Mark Olsen at the L.A. Times, Karina Longworth at the L.A. Weekly and Eric Kohn at IndieWire. The magic words came from Olsen, "Cold Weather has just enough of a jolt of conventional plotting to make it a more audience-friendly and, dare one say it, commercial picture."

Here’s the trailer, and let’s all wait for good news: