Sydney Sweeney Says There’s ‘a High 9 Chance’ of an ‘Anyone but You’ Sequel Happening | Video

The actress didn’t reveal what the potential plot might be though

After shattering multiple records and earning more than $200 million at the box office, it appears that a sequel to Sony’s “Anyone But You” might not be outside the realm of possibility. In fact, according to the movie’s star Sydney Sweeney, there’s a “high nine chance” of it happening.

Sweeney revealed said chances while appearing on “The Tonight Show” on Monday night, as Jimmy Fallon touted the success of the rom-com. Indeed, with a boost from a Valentine’s Day “encore” in theaters, “Anyone But You” has made more than $200 million globally, making it the highest grossing rom-com in several years.

Given its popularity, Fallon was quick to prod on whether Sweeney and Glen Powell might reunite for another film. “Fans are hoping for a sequel, do you think that maybe we’ll see a sequel?” he asked.

Surprisingly, Sweeney didn’t play coy in response. Instead, she answered with some pretty strong optimism.

“Maybe like, a high nine chance,” she said, much to the excitement of Fallon and the audience.

The actress didn’t divulge if a sequel is truly in the works, or even what the hypothetical storyline would be, but she promised Fallon that she’d bring bloopers to him again, as she did with “Anyone But You.”

You can watch Sweeney’s full appearance on “The Tonight Show” in the video above.


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