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Sylvester Stallone Grosses Everyone Out in Gruesome Halloween Post From ‘Rambo’ Set (Video)

”This is what happens when you aren’t taught how to shave properly,“ Sly tweets

Did Sylvester Stallone just win Halloween? While plenty of other celebrities got creative this Halloween, Stallone’s might be the most gruesome and grossest we’ve seen.

On Thursday, Stallone shared a video from what looks like him on set for “Rambo: Last Blood,” bloodied and beaten to a pulp as he waits to shoot. You can check it out below, and yeah, even though it’s fake, it’s maybe not the best if you’re squeamish unless you really want to scare your kids.

“You know some people have bags under their eyes. I have a mattress under mine,” Stallone says in the short clip. “What happens is, if you leave it alone, it will grow into a meal. Aye, aye aye aye aye. Look, that’s called tough.”

Dangling from Stallone’s face is a rubbery, skin-colored flap. When he’s ready to shoot, he puts it up over his eye and it looks like he’s been beaten and blinded on one side. Yeah, we know it’s gross, and thanks for showing us how the sausage is made Sly.

“Since it is Halloween, I’m going all out! This is what happens when you aren’t taught how to shave properly,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Rambo: Last Blood” opened in theaters last month. Check out Stallone’s video below: