Tamron Hall Surprises Comedian Luenell With Her Broadway Debut in ‘Chicago’: ‘Baby, You’re Going to Broadway!’ | Video

“I accept! I accept!” a teary-eyed Luenell exclaims during her appearance on the journalist’s talk show

Tamron Hall surprised comedian and actress Luenell Campbell (“Hacks”) with the opportunity to make her Broadway debut in the running theatrical show “Chicago the Musical.”

Campbell, who goes solely by her first name Luenell, will make her her first appearance on Hall’s daytime talk show on Monday. She opens up to the host about her rise to fame and her dream of one day making it to Broadway.

“One of your goals has been Broadway?” Hall questioned.

“Oh yes. Oh yes,” Compbell said. “I started in theater. I did plays in the Bay area. I did a play called ‘Beach Blanket Babylon’ in San Francisco.”

After Campbell broke down her theater origins and said she planned to return to the stage, Hall told Campbell she had a surprise for her.

It turned out to be “Chicago” cast member Michael Scirrotto, who plays several roles in the show, including the character Harry.

“Pay attention, pay attention because we’ve got something to ask you,” Hall teased Campbell before handing it over to Scirrotto.

“Every night a cast member comes on stage and they give an opening speech, welcoming the audience,” Scirrotto explained. “So, on behalf of our producers Barry and Fran Weissler, and the entire cast of the Broadway show of ‘Chicago the Musical,’ we would like to invite you to make your Broadway debut with us for a one-night-only performance, giving the opening speech, welcoming everyone to ‘Chicago the Musical’ on Broadway.”

‘Baby, you’re going to Broadway!” Hall revealed.

“I accept! I accept!” Campbell exclaimed with joyful tears in her eyes.

“She said ‘Yes!’” Hall shouted.

“I know that your daughter is a dancer. So you better start rehearsing,” Hall continued, showing Campbell an image of her own time delivering a speech for the opening of the musical. To go with the show’s theme and its 1920s historical context, Hall explained that the play’s production crew requests its presenters wear burlesque-style costumes.

Luenell on "Tamron" Season 5 (Disney)
Luenell on “Tamron” Season 5 (Disney)

“They make you wear this,” Hall said.

“I will only do it if I can wear that!” Campbell fired back.

“Chicago” is the longest-running Broadway musical in the U.S., and celebrated its 27th anniversary as a Broadway institution on Nov. 14.


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