Target Launches Streaming Service, Offers 10 Free Movie Downloads

Spoiler alert: Don’t expect to get any new releases for free

Department store giant Target went live with its streaming service, Target Ticket, on Tuesday — and is offering new users 10 free downloads upon creating a free account.

Don’t expect to get any hot freebies, though: Highlights of the 30-title selection include the original “Paranormal” film and Ridley Scott’s 1979 science fiction classic “Alien” … then quickly devolves into titles such as 1992 animated family film “Fern Gully,” Farrelly Brothers comedy “Hall Pass.”

Target Ticket doesn’t function like Netflix Instant, as it is not a subscription service. Instead, the service offers movie and television titles á la carte, in a similar fashion to Vudu and iTunes.

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Users can either buy or rent titles before choosing to steam them from an internet connection, or download to watch on the Target Ticket Player. Target Ticket also gives users the option to take advantage of its partnership with cloud-based UltraViolet.

TV shows only appear available to buy at this point. Episodes start at $1.99, while entire seasons are also available. Movies are available to rent or buy at varying prices.