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Taylor Lautner Shows Off His Parkour Skills in ‘Tracers’ Trailer (Video)

”Twilight“ actor stars alongside ”The 100’s“ Marie Avgeropoulos in Daniel Benmayor’s action-thriller

Taylor Lautner is literally bouncing off the walls in the first official trailer for “Tracers,” released Monday by Lionsgate.

The “Twilight” mainstay plays a broke bike messenger named Cam in the parkour-filled thriller, which co-stars “The 100’s” Marie Avgeropoulos as his entryway into a life of crime and also a potential love interest.

The two meet after a chance collision, while she’s flaunting her parkour skills and possibly running from the law, and Lautner is quickly drawn to her world. Strapped for cash, he eventually joins her dangerous social circle, filled out by Rafi Gavron (“Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”), Adam Rayner (“Closure“) and Sam Medina (“Olympus Has Fallen”).

“I gotta make more money,” Lautner tells them. Suddenly they’re using guns and parkour to pull off risky heists. But eventually he finds himself in too deep with no apparent way out.

“You wanted to be in? Guess what? You’re in,” Avgeropoulous tells him.

Daniel Benmayor directs the high-octane action film, which was written by Leslie Bohem, Matt Johnson, Kevin Lund and T.J. Scott. Saban Films is distributing.

“Tracers” debuts Jan. 22, 2015 on DirecTV and hits theaters and On Demand on March 20, 2015.