Taylor Swift Drops ‘Shake It Off’ From the Empire State Building (Video)

First track is from the singer’s upcoming first ever pop album

Taylor Swift made news from the Empire State Building Monday. In addition to revealing her upcoming album would be called “1989,” she unveiled its cover art and premiered the video for its first single, “Shake It Off.”

Swift made the announcement during a Yahoo/ABC live-stream, which began with Swift standing timidly on the deck of New York City’s most famous skyscraper. “To be honest with you,” she said, “it’s kind of scary up here.”

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Once the singer-songwriter went inside, she dropped a few bombshells for her fans: “I have a new song I’m going to play you in thirty seconds,” Swift announced.

“People can say what they want about us, at any time. We cannot control that. The only thing we can control is our reaction to it,” she continued.

According to Swift, that leaves a person with only two options: to let the negativity change them, or to … well, shake it off. Swift chose option two and debuted the video for “Shake It Off,” her new album’s first single. It features the 24-year-old musician dancing up a storm, dressed up as different characters including a B-boy, ballerina and even a cheerleader.

Afterward, Swift announced her new album would be titled “1989.” It will be Swift’s fifth studio effort — her first since 2012’s “Red,” which went four times platinum in the U.S. alone. The pop-country starlet insists this new release will be her first “official” pop album.

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She also gave the world a look at the album’s artwork: A faux Polaroid image of herself captioned “TS 1989,” which you can see below:


“1989” drops on Oct. 27.