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Taylor Swift Takes Over ‘Late Show’ to Perform ‘Welcome to New York’ and Proclaim Love to Lena Dunham (Video)

The pop singer also explains why she hasn’t written snarky songs about ex-boyfriends recently

Taylor Swift appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Tuesday to promote her new hit album, “1989,” and she had a lot to talk about. And sing about.

Between her friendship with “Girls” creator Lena Dunham, her lack of “lousy boyfriends,” the screening process for her famous house party “secret sessions” and her love for New York City, Letterman never needed to dig too hard for conversation topics.

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Then she got out of the chair to perform one of her new songs (above), “Welcome to New York.”

Basically, Tuesday night’s episode of the CBS late-night program belonged to Swift.

In case you’re curious how one of the music industry’s biggest “it” girl became besties with one of the most successful “Girls” on television, they have Twitter to thank.

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“I went to her Twitter, and the first thing I saw was her quoting my lyrics. And at first I thought, she has to be doing that ironically. Like, she’s clearly making fun of it,” Swift said. “It turns out, she was following me and it was completely unironic and she actually liked my music.”

Several direct messages later, they’re two of the most famous friends in all the land.

Watch all the Swift segments you want, below:

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Swift explains why she hasn’t written snarky songs about ex-boyfriends recently:

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