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TCA: ‘Terra Nova’ Seeks Wider Audience Than ‘Lost,’ Producer Says

Both shows have time travel, character-driven drama, and scary monsters — but ‘Terra Nova’ seeks a wider audience

Fox's "Terra Nova" won't replace "Lost" as TV's must-watch fantasy/sci-fi show, one of its executive producer says.

But don't mistake that for humility. Alex Graves says his show will target even more people.

"This has nothing to do with 'Lost' for one main reason: It's so made for a massively broad audience, I can't even tell you," Graves, who directed the pilot, told TheWrap at the Television Critics Association winter press tour Tuesday.

"'Lost' was for that great 'Lost' audience," he added. "'Terra Nova,' more than anything I've done before in my life, is for everybody. … Everyone from my kids to a gamer to my dad will love this show. It's incredible."

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(Confidential to Mr. Graves: The customary answer to, "Do you want to be the new 'Lost'?" is, "Oh my gosh, that show has been such a huge influence, we're not worthy, blahblahblah." Props on a very ballsy answer.)

Countless shows have tried to capture the ABC fantasy/sci-fi/mystery classic's unique blend of character-driven drama, time travel, and scary monsters.

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"Terra Nova," about a family that travels from a dying future planet to the Earth of 85 million years ago — only to find deadly dinosaurs — has all those elements, and fantastic production values. The show highlighted them in a three-minute preview Tuesday.

The Steven Spielberg-produced series will debut with a preview in May, when we'll see whether it can pull more viewers than "Lost." The series premiere is scheduled for fall.