Ted Cruz, Conservative Media Blast ‘Out of Touch’ NY Times for Front-Page Gun Editorial

“What took them so damn long?” former CNN host Piers Morgan tweets in favor of paper’s call for more gun control

Ted Cruz

The New York Times’ first front-page editorial since 1920 sparked a lot of reaction as both presidential candidates and conservative media fired back at the paper’s call for accelerated action on gun control.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who’s shown a penchant for ripping liberal media throughout his presidential campaign, panned the Times.

“The New York Times editorial…it ought to be in the dictionary under ‘O,’ for ‘out of touch,’” he said at an event in Iowa Saturday.

James Crugnale, editorial board member of The Wall Street Journal, poured cold water on the Times’ front-page editorial being memorable.

“The New York Times today published the newspaper’s opinion on the front page. The last time it did that was yesterday,” he tweeted.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York argued that the Times’ priorities are out of whack.

“Amazing that on day CA killings shown to be terrorism, NYT decides moment is right to make huge, front-page push for gun confiscation.”

The National Review’s Charles Cooke took on the paper for deciding against front-page editorials for other tragedies.

Even former CNN host and gun-control enthusiast Piers Morgan critiqued the paper: “What took them so damn long?” he tweeted. Other more conservative-leaning Twitters users also criticized the Times.

But many praised the paper for being the voice of reason.