Ted Cruz Officially More Hated on Twitter Than Donald Trump

Twitterverse was short on mercy and high on snark following Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Donald Trump

Ted Cruz Officially More Hated on Twitter Than Donald Trump
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It took about a New York minute on Friday for Twitter to pile on Ted Cruz for endorsing Donald Trump… the same man who not only made fun of the Texas senator’s wife but even suggested Cruz’s father helped assassinate JFK.

As soon as Cruz hit “send” on his Facebook endorsement of Trump, it was no holds barred for Cruz’s critics.

Director of the upcoming Trump film, “Sociopath,” Ben Howe added this funny disclaimer…

National Review Magazine reporter Kevin D. Williamson gave his followers a live update of Cruz’s reputation:


GOP strategist Ana Navarro had some advice for Cruz’s wife, Heidi…

Comedian Mike Birbiglia deduced that if Cruz is endorsing Trump, it must mean that Trump was right about Cruz’s father.

Actor Josh Peck filed the announcement under: “Duh.”

In short, Twitter is having quite the field day.

See more hysterical tweets below.