Jason Sudeikis and ‘Ted Lasso’ Cast Rally at Warner Bros. Picket Lines Ahead of Show’s Season Finale 

Tuesday’s episode could also be the conclusion of the show altogether 

"Ted Lasso" Season 3 / Apple TV+

The cast and writers crew of Apple TV+’s sports comedy-drama “Ted Lasso” all came to a huddle at Warner Bros. picket lines on Tuesday. 

Right after a day off from work, WGA writers hit the field for what is now the WGA’s fifth week of striking, as the WGA continues its fight for better residual pay in streaming, and the closure of the mini-room model, among other items, following a failed negotiation with the AMPTP. The cast and crew of “Ted Lasso” were one of the groups to hit picket lines. 

“Much thanks to the gang for taking some time on such a big day to show their support for #wgastrong #tedlasso,” “Ted Lasso” co-creator Brendan Hunt said in an Instagram post. 

Hunt, Jason Sudeikis, James Lance, Jeremy Swift, Billy Harris, Mary Roscoe, Hannah Waddingham, Moe Jeudy-Lamour and Nick Mohammed are seen pictured in the photo. 

“Ted Lasso” wraps up with a 12-episode third season with its finale on Wednesday, and some speculate Season 3 will be the end of the show. 

“A few years ago I hopped on a plane with Coach Beard headin’ to a little town in London,” the fictional character’s account wrote on Twitter. “Tonight we play our final match.”

“It’s like what I say about the films of David Lynch,” Lasso’s tweet continued. “I can’t tell you what’s happening, but I sure as heck don’t want it to end.”

This sent fans into a spiral of confusion, with many believing that the multiple award-winning show could be taking its final bow. But Sudeikis, series co-creator, previously mentioned in an interview that Season 3 would provide an end of the story that him and his team of co-creators (Hunt, Joe Kelly and Bill Lawrence) wanted to tell. 

“Ted Lasso” is currently streaming on Apple TV+, and the season finale premieres at 9 p.m. PST Tuesday/midnight EST Wednesday.