‘Ted Lasso’ Star Brett Goldstein Insists His Character Isn’t CGI: ‘I Am Completely Real’ (Video)

The actor made his case using a computer-generated character bearing his physical attributes

Ted Lasso
Apple TV+

“Ted Lasso” star Brett Goldstein has responded to a theory circulating on social media that suggests his character on the Apple TV+ comedy, Roy Kent, is a computer-generated image.

“I just want to clear up something once and for all,” Goldstein said in a Twitter video on Thursday, which was billed as his “final statement on the matter” and whose imagery is a computer-generated character voiced by and resembling Goldstein.

“Ted Lasso” users, particularly those on Reddit, have recently taken to suggesting that Roy Kent and the actor who plays him are not real people. “I’m positive Apple is gonna unveil something at some point that they were trying to trick us with his CGI,” one user wrote. “He looks like the Tintin characters from the latest remake,” wrote another.

“I am a completely real normal human man, who just happens to live in a VFX house and does normal, human, basic things like rendering and buffering and transferring data,” Goldstein insisted in his video.

According to CNET, which recently published a report investigating Goldstein’s corporeality, evidence cited by the Roy Kent truthers includes his “similarity to PS4 FIFA characters, the sharpness of his appearance and a disputed ‘glow’ that apparently surrounds him on screen.”

“I can neither confirm nor deny that if you entered data into an algorithm for ‘building the perfect actor’ it would produce Brett Goldstein,” “Ted Lasso” co-creator Brendan Hunt said in a statement to CNET.


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