From ‘Ted Lasso’ to ‘Wednesday’ – How the Emmy Nominees Score With Viewers | Charts

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Even with the awards world in an uproar because of the strikes, there’s some sense of how shows stack up

Will "Ted Lasso" or "Wednesday" take home an Emmy?
Will "Ted Lasso" or "Wednesday" take home an Emmy? (Photos: Apple TV+/Netflix)

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The industry is racked with uncertainty over how the Emmys will unfold. But even though we may not know when the next award ceremony will take place, we already have a sense of how well the nominated shows are resonating with audiences.

To compare the shows’ share of audience attention with how the general public has rated them, we looked at demand for each nominee’s most recent season against the show’s IMDb rating. While this doesn’t necessarily predict how the Academy will vote, it shows how these series are performing with audiences more broadly.