Sacramento TV Reporter Accidentally Shows Naked Husband During At-Home Broadcast (Video)

KCRA’s Melinda Meza didn’t account for the mirror reflection while doing a report on home haircuts

Melinda Meza

When KCRA reporter Melinda Meza did a live broadcast from her bathroom Friday, she was trying to show how challenging it is to cut her own bangs in quarantine. What she ended up showing Sacramento-area viewers was her naked husband.

Y’all see this naked man on #KCRA #news ? Lol,” tweeted one viewer, filming their own television.

The segment, titled “Hair Stylists Want to Work,” was all about the beauty industry experts who have been put out of work and the everyday people who’ve been struggling at home to keep up their appearances. Meza clipped her bangs and said, “…so people won’t have to do this much longer” before signing off.

Observed in the mirror’s reflection was a man showering.

Representatives for KCRA, a Hearst station, didn’t immediately respond to request for comment from TheWrap. People online, however, had lots to say.

Twitter users gleefully mocked the station’s longtime slogan, writing, “KCRA: Where the nudes come first.”

“Damn why she wanna work when she’s got all that at home?” wondered one.

Another said “no one wants to see” that, but quickly earned a response from another viewer: “Speak for yourself.”

Watch the clip below, via one sharp-eyed Twitter user: