Tenoch Huerta on Representation, His Marvel Future and Whether Namor Could Join the Avengers (Exclusive Video)

The “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” tells TheWrap he has high hopes for Namor in the MCU

“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” star Tenoch Huerta is riding high at the moment given the huge success of the Marvel movie, yet is staying humble and grounded as he ponders his next move.

A last minute opportunity arose and Huerta dropped by TheWrap’s studio at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival to talk about Latino representation, his future with Marvel after “Wakanda Forever,” and whether he sees character Namor joining the Avengers in a future film, amongst other topics.

For starters, Huerta is launching his own production company to make projects for underserved audiences.

“Now I have the opportunity to choose better and more projects,” Huerta said. “I’m planning to make my own company to produce bilingual content.”

Huerta added: “In terms of representation, what we want to show to the people about us, the representation of us, made by us, which is the important thing. It is not just [enough] to be in front of the camera, but who is telling the tale, who is the storyteller? That for me is more important, even more than to be in front of the camera.”

When Huerta was asked if we’ll see Namor again in another movie, he responded, “Honestly, I don’t know. I hope so.”

Huerta, who wasn’t being coy, added: “Please tell the people to send tweets and letters to Marvel because I would love to appear in the next movie, but I don’t really know.”

Huerta recently had breakfast with “Werewolf by Night” star Gael Garcia Bernal and the two discussed their Marvel characters.

“I was talking with with Gael Garcia Bernal and he said, ‘Something that is funny with Marvel, everybody around knows everything about your character except you,” Huerta said. “And that happened to me!”

On Friday, “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” writer Jeff Loveless said that he is excited to write Namor into the movie. Huerta’s probably going to get a call now.

The actor also said he would “love” to see Namor join The Avengers.

In the rest of the interview, Huerta discusses which Avengers actors he would love to work with and what exactly was Namor doing when Thanos snapped his fingers previously in the “The Infinity Saga.” Watch the video above.