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That Time Seth Rogen’s Mom Came Up With a ‘Statutory Rape Joke’ in ‘Superbad’ (Audio)

”Solid joke, mom,“ actor tells Howard Stern

In a recent visit to “The Howard Stern Show,” Seth Rogen explained that one of the classic jokes in “Superbad” was actually his mom’s idea.

One of the ongoing jokes in the teen movie is the fact that Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) carries around a fake I.D. the whole time with the moniker McLovin.’ No first or last name, just McLovin.’

Near the end of the movie, Fogell is finally getting laid, but ends up getting arrested for statutory rape because of that fake I.D.

“She read a very early draft of the script and was like it’s funny if the cops arrest him for statutory rape cause they think he’s too old,” Rogen said in the interview on SiriusXMchannel Howard 100. “Solid joke, mom.”

Rogen’s mom, Sandy, is also pretty funny on Twitter, he said. “At first, it was f—ing horrifying, cause I was like ‘what is she going to do?” But she kind of found her, like, medium,” Rogen said.

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You can listen to the audio from “The Howard Stern Show” below.

And here’s the clip where McLovin’ gets arrested in “Superbad.”

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