‘The 355’ Trailer: Jessica Chastain and Lupita Nyong’o Are Rogue Spies Fighting to Stop World War III (Video)

Action thriller that also stars Penélope Cruz, Bingbing Fan and Diane Kruger opens in theaters January 15

In an age when the world’s enemies are invisible, the only team that can stop a global terror from starting World War III threat are “The 355,” a group of rogue spies played by Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Penélope Cruz, Bingbing Fan and Diane Kruger.

In the first trailer for the film, each woman plays a rogue spy from a different company working together when their country’s agencies leave them out to dry. “The 355” takes the women around the globe kicking ass and crashing parties in style in Paris, Morocco and Shanghai.

“We all work for different intelligence agencies. American. British. German. Colombian. Chinese. But now we have a common enemy,” Nyong’o says in the trailer. “And if we don’t stop them, they’ll start World War III,” Chastain replies.

“X-Men” producer Simon Kinberg directs “The 355,” which also stars Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramírez. And Universal is releasing the film in theaters on January 15.

Theresa Rebeck of NBC’s “Smash” and “Trouble” wrote the screenplay with Kinberg, and Chastain also produced the film along with her partner at Freckle Films Kelly Carmichael. Kinberg also produced for his Genre Films. “The 355” is executive produced by Richard Hewitt.

Check out the first trailer for “The 355” above.


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