‘The Aeronauts’ Film Review: Felicity Jones Soars in Inspirational Tale for Young Women

Telluride Film Festival 2019: Starring alongside Eddie Redmayne, Jones plays a woman who is up for anything and ready to, as she says, ”find her seat at the table“

Tom Harper’s “The Aeronauts” serves an important purpose as an aspirational film for young girls who either love science, or whose parents hope they see the movie and understand that women can be just as excited about taking a hero’s journey as any man.

Felicity Jones plays Amelia Wren, a character based loosely on real life aeronaut Sophie Blanchard, who was well-known for embarking on elaborate balloon flights back in the 1800s. Jones teams up with her Oscar winning co-star from “The Theory of Everything,” Eddie Redmayne, who plays James Glaisher, a scientist interested in learning how to predict the weather. He needs to go up in a balloon, she is the best person for the job, and thus begins their adventure.

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