The Atlantic Reaches Profitability, Tops 1 Million Subscribers

The multi-platform publisher has seen its subscriptions increase 14% in the past year

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The Atlantic has achieved profitability and surpassed 1 million subscriptions, the outlet announced on Thursday.

The multi-platform publisher has seen its subscriptions increase 14% in the past year and by double-digit percentages in each of the past four years. Meanwhile, revenue climbed more than 10% year over year and the company has seen a 33% year over year increase in advertising booked to date.

The Atlantic has more than doubled the number of total paid subscriptions since launching its digital product and digital and print bundle four years ago.

“A few short years ago, when we first outlined these goals, we were nowhere near achieving them. So today is a noteworthy day in the history of our magazine,” Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg and CEO Nicholas Thompson said in an email to staff. “Of course, the key to continued success is to be constructively dissatisfied with the present, and so both of us believe very strongly that our 1 million subscriptions represent merely the foundation of future excellence and growth. Profitability is also perilous in the media industry, and we are going to continue to be highly disciplined in how we run our operations.”

The Atlantic has earned Pulitzer Prizes in each of the past three years and is currently nominated for the fourth consecutive year for the top honor of General Excellence in the National Magazine Awards, which it won in both 2022 and 2023. Five of the magazine’s features and issues are also nominated for reporting awards.

The pair emphasized that 2024 will be “one of the most consequential years” in the history of the magazine.

“The journalistic excellence and urgency we bring to our coverage will set a standard for the industry and help guide our readers through dangerous times,” they added. “All of us have the same goal: to support and advance our historic mission; to constantly innovate; and to reach new readers across the globe every day. Thank you all for your excellent work, and congratulations.”


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