Does ‘The Batman’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Riddle me this: should you stick around once “The Batman” credits roll?

Warner Bros.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for “The Batman”

At this point, it’s pretty well expected that superhero films have some sort of post-credits scene. If you’re here, it means you’re wondering whether “The Batman” follows suit (and cowl).

It’s a fair question, considering how much happens within the film, and the future implications of it all. Between the Riddler (Paul Dano), the Penguin (Colin Farrell), and a slew of other criminals making Batman’s life a nightmare, it’s not hard to figure out how the film clocks in at nearly three hours. And yet, even within all that, “The Batman” still lays clear groundwork for a new franchise.

But it doesn’t do so in the way you might expect. Does this mean there’s a post-credits scene, or did they ditch that modern tradition in favor of something else?

The answer: Yes and No.

Unlike most other super films these days, “The Batman” does not have a post-credits scene that sets up any kind of sequel. So if the only thing you’re worried about is missing a cameo from a potential new villain, or perhaps a “I’m here to talk to you about the Avenger Initiative” type moment, there’s nothing like that.

But there is a fun little bonus moment after the credits finish for those who stick around.

“So, during the film, the Riddler — as the Riddler does — leaves clues that can solve his crimes for Batman.” Eventually, those clues lead to Batman communicating directly with the Riddler via an anonymous chat application that uses a ’70s/80s-style plain black screen behind bright green type (as in, the old school PC aesthetic that inspired the “digital rain” effect in “The Matrix”).

As Batman and the Riddler wait for each other’s responses, the screen simply flashes a blinking symbol — <?> (which by the way is known as an “unbounded wildcard” in Java programming). Once Batman pieces together the Riddler’s latest clue, the villain abruptly signs off, typing “Good bye.”

Fans who stay in their seats past the credits of “The Batman” will see a similar sign-off. There is no voiceover or extra footage, there’s just a black screen that types out “Goodbye,” as if the entire movie was itself a message from The Riddler.

But, like we said, “The Batman” does set up future installments. It just makes sure to do so in the final minutes of the film itself.