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Peter Jackson’s ‘The Beatles: Get Back’: We’ve Got a Feeling You’ll Like Doc’s First Clip (Video)

”I’ve Got a Feeling“ is born (sort of)

Peter Jackson’s “The Beatles: Get Back,” a three-night Disney+ event beginning on Nov. 25, promises to take viewers where they’ve never been before – into the actual production of the band’s last album, 1970’s “Let It Be.”

Using unseen footage originally captured for Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s documentary that accompanied the album, this long-gestating project attempts to offer a fuller look at the creation of the album, as the original doc has been criticized for emphasizing the friction of the band’s final days over anything else. And a new clip, released as part of the Disney+ Day celebration on Friday, sheds some light into an intriguing slice of Beatles mythology.

The clip, which you can watch above, is seemingly the inaugural run of “I’ve Got a Feeling.” Somewhat famously, the version that ended up on “Let It Be” was a combination of two songs – one called “I’ve Got a Feeling,” written by Paul McCartney, and one called “Everybody Had a Hard Year,” written by John Lennon. It was finally recorded during the Beatles’ rooftop concert. But this clip seems to show that embryonic version of the song, with McCartney telling other members of the band what key they should be playing in. (Also, this version has a little more pep than the one released on the album.)

Most charmingly, at the end of the clip, you can hear Ringo Starr ask, “Is that one called ‘I’ve Got a Feeling?’” It’s a wonderful moment from a clip that seems to emphasize what Jackson set out to do: give a more complete, more joyous portrait of the waning moments of the biggest pop band of all time.

“The Beatles: Get Back” will air over three consecutive nights on Disney+ starting on Nov. 25, to both capture a huge captive audience of families at home for Thanksgiving, and also to give off the most massive “Beatles: Anthology” vibes possible.