‘The Big Sick’ Stars: Don’t Just Call Co-Writer Emily V Gordon ‘Kumail Nanjiani’s Wife’

“She has a name she has a name she has a name,” Zoe Kazan, who plays Gordon in the film, writes

kumail nanjiani emily gordon the big sick
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“The Big Sick” stars Zoe Kazan and Kumail Nanjiani are sick of co-writer Emily V. Gordon being referred to simply as Nanjiani’s wife in the media, given that she is a successful screenwriter and the inspiration for the critically-acclaimed film.

“She has a name she has a name she has a name: Emily V. Gordon, now a multiply[sic]-award-nominated screenwriter,” Kazan tweeted accompanying a Twitter moment with a headline not naming Gordon.  “it’s HER body & HER illness. the least you can do is put her name in the headline, if you’re going to make a ‘moment’ of her life. thanks.”

Kazan later added, “seriously @Twitter i know you’re letting nazis use your platform to build a movement, so maybe this is small potatoes. but it’s so gross every time this happens. you *can* do better. it’s relatively easy. try.”

The Twitter moment was later amended to include Gordon’s name.

Nanjiani responded with the clapping emoji before posting his own tweet on Wednesday.

“Hey @washingtonpost. Big fan,” Nanjiani said, retweeting a Washington Post story with the headline, “Kumail Nanjiani opens up about his wife’s illness, the inspiration for ‘The Big Sick.’” “Love what y’all do. Appreciate you covering this. Could you add my wife’s name to this headline please? She is Emily V Gordon, & not just the inspiration, but one of the writers of ‘The Big Sick.’”

Indeed, both Gordon and Nanjiani wrote “The Big Sick,” which has found critical and box office success since its release. Gordon herself is a multiple-award-nominated screenwriter, as Kazan indicated, having scored 16 nominations and she also won a North Carolina Film Critics Associated award for the film. Additionally, the movie is about Gordon’s illness and her relationship with Nanjiani. Kazan plays Gordon in the film.

Gordon’s other credits include writing for “The Carmichael Show,” “Explored” and “The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail.”

On Wednesday, Washington Post responded, “you’re right. We’ve changed the headline.”

See the tweets below.