‘The Boys’ Star Claudia Doumit Discusses the Fake Blood Shortage and Epic Backgammon Rivalry on Set (Video)

WrapWomen: Doumit also reveals that the fake blood made her hair fall out

Blood isn’t the only thing spilling on Prime Video’s “The Boys.” Claudia Doumit – known as the show’s psychic congresswoman Victoria Neuman, who uses her power for evil — recently sat down with WrapWomen and spills the tea on went down during the filming of Season 3 of the frequently gruesome superhero series. 

According to the Australian actress, so much fake blood was used on set that they actually ran out — which was probably a good thing for Doumit, who revealed the synthetic mixture was making her hair fall out. 

During Season 3, Episode 1, Doumit’s character Victoria participates in an epic fight scene, which took six weeks of choreographed training to prepare for. It wasn’t until the night of the shoot that they incorporated fake blood. 

“There’s a lot of wrestling that happens in the scene, and there’s a lot of bodily contact with fake blood onto my hair. I just remember that night just like, chunks of my hair being ripped out because of the dry blood sticking to it,” Doumit explained. (She, however, is very happy to report that her hair has all grown back since the incident.)

Despite the endlessly entertaining blood-spattered takedowns and rivalries on-screen, when the cameras aren’t rolling, all the actors get along famously… except when it comes to backgammon. 

“There’s, like, a heavy backgammon scene that happening always on set,” the actress said. “Karl [Urban] and Tomer [Capone] bring their backgammon boards in and they compete. Karen got into it this season and Jack also got his own backgammon board.”

Doumit also recalled a moment when they arrived in Toronto early and Jack Quaid (Hughie) really wanted to beat Urban aka Billy Butcher. As the actor began preparing to take down his on-screen mentor, Doumit offered to help him train. “It was just like a rocky montage of Jack getting ready for backgammon with Karl,” she said. 

According to Doumit, Quaid ended up beating Urban once or twice. Turns out, not all heroes wear capes. Perhaps the next time blood runs out on set, the writer’s room could add a backgammon showdown: The Boys vs. Vought. 

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