Al Franken Pities Trump’s Lawyers for Getting Tricked: Makes You Wonder if It’s ‘Even Worth Buying a Degree From Barbados’ (Video)

“Trump’s original crimes are now having their own little baby crimes,” Franken mocked

With an indictment possibly looming for Trump’s alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels, another one of the investigations into the twice-impeached former president appears to have taken a turn he might not like. And at this point, Al Franken feels for Trump’s lawyers — especially considering the fact that this development indicates Trump lied to them.

According to ABC News, the investigation into Trump’s handling of classified documents — one of at least five investigations into the man — has recently started leading to the conclusion that Trump “knowingly misled his attorneys so that they would file a sworn statement last June that he knew was false.”

“Can you imagine being a lawyer for Donald Trump, and finding out he set you up?” Franken joked on “The Daily Show” on Wednesday night. “That would make you question whether it was even worth buying a degree from Barbados in the first place.”

Naturally, Franken was amused by the fact that Trump was already in trouble with the law for taking the classified documents and knowingly withholding them when the feds tried to get him to turn the documents over voluntarily, and then knowingly broke the law again in trying to get out of that situation.

“Trump’s original crimes are now having their own little baby crimes,” Franken mocked. “You know, they grow up and implicate you so fast, don’t they? The little guys.”

You can watch the full segment from “The Daily Show” in the video above.