‘The Daily Show’: Roy Wood Jr. Talks Worst Airline Experiences on ‘Beyond the Scenes’ Podcast (Exclusive Video)

New episodes of the podcast air every Tuesday

The “Beyond the Scenes” podcast is back with all new episodes beginning Tuesday. In the first episode of “The Daily Show” companion podcast, host Roy Wood Jr. is breaking down the state of the airline industry.

If you’ll remember, Trevor Noah has been on top of the chaos that has upended the airline industry over the past several years due to the pandemic, often covering the issues that flight attendants and other airline staff have faced with unruly passengers, staff shortages, and flight cancellations.

In this episode of “Beyond the Scenes,” Wood chats with “Daily Show” writer and frequent flier, Kat Radley, and the International President of the Association of Flight Attendants, Sara Nelson about the push to unionize Delta flight attendants and how the #MeToo movement impacted the airline industry.

The trio also compares their worst flying experiences, including a rogue passenger who was arrested after he tried to “perform a striptease” during a flight and a woman using a wheelchair to carry her luggage.

You can watch the entire first episode above.

With new episodes every Tuesday, “Beyond the Scenes” dives deeper into the segments and topics that Noah covers on “The Daily Show.” In addition to writers and producers from the late night show, Wood often welcomes a range of other experts to give opinions on the topics.