Trevor Noah Can’t Stop Laughing at Alex Jones’ Phone Contents Being Sent to Sandy Hook Families’ Lawyers (Video)

“Does that mean chemtrails from planes aren’t turning the frogs gay? Was that also a lie?” the “Daily Show” host joked

Trevor Noah couldn’t keep it together during Wednesday’s episode of “The Daily Show” when discussing the Alex Jones trial.

The late night host burst into laughter as a clip that has now gone viral aired, showing the moment that the conspiracy theorist (who Noah called a “man who makes Donald Trump look like a decent human being”) learned his lawyers had sent a digital copy of his phone’s contents to the Sandy Hook families’ legal team, presumably by mistake.

“He was so shocked he started turning into every emoji. At one point, he even tried to give himself COVID,” Noah said, referencing Jones’ latent cough throughout parts of the clip. “‘I can’t speak. You know the disease I said is fake? I got it now.’ You know you’re in trouble when the truth chokes you up like you’re on an episode of ‘Hot Ones.’”

Of course, Noah also recognized how momentous it was for the Sandy Hook families’ legal team to get their hands on such information.

“This moment is huge, because it shows that Alex Jones probably committed perjury. Which means Alex Jones lies about stuff,” he said. “That’s shocking, because now I’m starting to wonder, does that mean chemtrails from planes aren’t turning the frogs gay? Was that also a lie?”

(Yes, Jones did actually say this. In 2015 he blamed the government for chemical warfare that was going to “turn the friggin’ frogs gay,” according to CNBC. In 2017, he reportedly claimed that “the majority of frogs in most areas of the United States are now gay.”)

Noah ended the segment by wondering where Jones found his lawyer, considering it would be one huge oversight if the contents of his phone were sent by mistake.

“By the way, where did he get that lawyer? Can we just talk about that?” Noah continued. “I would love to be there for that classic lawyer-client conversation during recess…’Well apart from the fact that I screwed this whole thing up worse than any lawyer in history, I think we still have a shot!’”