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‘The Daily Show’ Gives Tips on Avoiding College Sexual Assault (Video)

Jon Stewart and company address the sickening number of on-campus assaults

The culture of sexual assault is endemic to college campuses, and for years, university administrations have looked the other way when women were brave enough to speak out.

So, perfect fodder for a late night comedy show!

In fact, the situation has gotten so bad — and activists have gotten so organized — that President Obama’s Department of Education was moved to propose a rule that would require colleges that received federal funds to¬†report statistics for incidents of dating violence, domestic violence and stalking.

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That’s a start, but it is unlikely to curb the behaviors, attitudes, and situations that lead to the assaults in the first places. Luckily, there are plenty of non-profit organizations working to change the culture and help women stay safe, and on Wednesday night, “The Daily Show” offered up some tips of its own.

The sketch is funny, no doubt, but the tips are real, which makes the jokes — like all great comedy — profoundly depressing.

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