‘The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper Laments Media Coverage of KC Shooting: ‘Is Our Bar Really That Low?’ | Video

“Shouldn’t every day be able to end without a mass shooting?” the correspondent asks

As Kansas City residents and fans continue to reel from the shooting that occurred during the Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration parade, “The Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper is unimpressed by how the media is talking about the tragic event.

Returning to host the Comedy Central show Thursday night, Klepper tackled the shooting first, applauding the man who, well, tackled the shooter. But the host immediately pointed out that this man was not “a good guy with a gun” but instead “just a guy with arms.”

“Maybe you think we don’t need gun control. But don’t pretend there’s any level of security that will prevent something like this from happening,” Klepper said. “There were more than 800 police officers there, and all they could do was react after it happened.”

Klepper then turned his ire on media coverage of the tragedy, wondering why the focus was on the fact that the day was supposed to be a happy one.

“One thing I noticed about the media coverage around this is everyone saying ‘Today was supposed to be a celebration’ or ‘The day started out filled with joy.’ Shouldn’t every day be able to end without a mass shooting?” he said. “Is our bar really that low?”

He continued, “Like, even my sh–tiest day — my wife leaves me, the IRS audits me, I go to see ‘Madame Web’ — I mean, a sh–ty, sh–ty day. Even that day deserves to end without a shooting.”

You can watch the full segment from “The Daily Show” in the video above.


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