‘The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper Admits ‘Open-Minded’ Nikki Haley Rally-Goers Were ‘Refreshing’: ‘What the Political World Used to Be’

“We don’t talk to many people who are open-minded, and have yet to decide what they believe,” Klepper says

“The Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper returned to the show this week with another of his segments recorded at political rallies, this time going to both a Donald Trump rally and a Nikki Haley event. And, according to Klepper, the latter of the two was actually “super refreshing.”

Appearing on the latest episode of “The Daily Show: Ears Edition,” the show’s dedicated podcast, Klepper noted that there was definitely a distinct difference between walking up to Trump’s rally and walking up to Nikki Haley’s rally.

“Approaching the Nikki Haley event, people are not waiting outside hours ahead of time,” Klepper said with a laugh. “But, the people who arrive a little bit before Nikki Haley arrives are politically curious folks. They’re less guarded. There were some people who were die-hard Nikki Haley people. Small, few, but dedicated. But people were excited to hear what she had to say.”

He continued, “And frankly, we don’t talk to many people who are open-minded, and have yet to decide what they believe. Usually we go out to a Trump rally, and people aren’t there to see what Trump is all about.”

As a result, Klepper noted that it was actually “super refreshing” to speak to those in attendance at Haley’s rally.

“It felt like a throwback, with the little American flags, and the buttons, and the curious, and the nervous, people signing people up for mailing lists. It was like, oh, this is what the political world used to be like a decade ago.”

You can watch Jordan Klepper’s full comments in the video above.


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