‘The Daily Show’: Trump Supporter Tells Jordan Klepper She Donates $1,000 Per Case | Video

“You’re sick and tired of your money going to people who committed crimes,” Klepper confirms with the woman

Donald Trump is indeed raising money off his many legal troubles this year, with one supporter donating roughly $1,000 per case. But, she tells “The Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper that there’s one case that got a $5,000 donation from her.

Klepper stopped by his first Trump rally since the ex-president was convicted on all 34 counts of felony business fraud this week, and naturally, he asked supporters for their thoughts on it. Unsurprisingly, one said it was “bulls—” and “a f—ing mess,” while others called it a “scam” and “unjustable.”

But one fan argued that Trump’s conviction was actually helping him, because “everyone’s pouring in money to support him.” She admitted that she’s done so herself, prompting Klepper to ask just how much.

“Trump goes to trial for sexual assault, how much you give him? he questioned.

The answer? $1,000. The woman gave the same answer for the classified documents trial.

“OK, so $1,000 across the board?” he clarified, which she confirmed. “OK, overthrow democracy, that biggie? Is that a two grand?”

“That’s probably five grand,” the woman replied seriously. She added that her biggest issue is border security, and that funding shouldn’t be going to helping immigrants. So, Klepper followed up.

“You’re sick and tired of your money going to people who committed crimes,” he said.

“That’s right,” she said.

You can watch Jordan Klepper and “The Daily Show’s” latest “Finger the Pulse” segment in the video above.


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