‘The Daily Show’: Michelle Wolf Says Trump’s Abortion Pivot Is ‘Like the Kool-Aid Man Suddenly Caring About Walls’ | Video

“It’s too late dude! The damage is done, you big red bitch!” Wolf jokes

Between his many courtroom appearances, Donald Trump is still running for president again, but apparently, he’s switching his stance on some issues — namely abortion. That’s pretty hilarious to “The Daily Show” guest host Michelle Wolf, considering Roe v. Wade was specifically overturned largely because of his Supreme Court appointees.

According to a recent report by Rolling Stone, the ex-president has privately been very pleased that anti-abortion leaders now have no “leverage” to force him to do anything, should he win reelection, and that his team plans for him to run as a “moderate” on the issue, compared to the other GOP candidates.

“Yeah. Trump. A moderate on abortion. It’s like the Kool-Aid man suddenly caring about walls,” Wolf joked on Tuesday night. “It’s too late dude! The damage is done, you big red bitch!”

Indeed, Trump has openly bragged about being “able to kill Roe v. Wade,” and boasted that “without me the pro-life movement would have just kept losing.” So, his sudden pivot proves at least one thing to Wolf.

“Now don’t let anyone tell you that abortion is not popular in this country. Even the man who killed them is acting like he supports them!” she joked, putting on her own Trump voice to mock him further.

“What happened to Roe v. Wade folks? Come on,” she imitated. “Obama lost them. We’re gonna bring back Roe, we’re gonna bring back Wade. I talked to both of them, they’re on board. I love to make deals!”

You can watch Wolf’s full headlines segment on “The Daily Show” in the video above.


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