‘The Daily Show’ Mocks Fox News for Dunking on Biden’s ‘Orthopedic Shoes’: ‘Fox Knows Its Viewers Are All Biden’s Age, Right?’ | Video

“Doesn’t seem like the best strategy to s–t on your own audience,” host Michael Kosta says

“The Daily Show” host Michael Kosta isn’t opposed to criticism about President Joe Biden’s new shoes — he just doesn’t think Fox News should be the ones making those critiques.

In March, the president was spotted wearing “maximum stability” sneakers, which are believed to help prevent falls. At the age of 81, Biden has been caught on camera falling several times throughout his campaign and presidency, so the shoes would make sense.

“When your candidate has to wear the equivalent of orthopedic shoes because the staff is worried about him falling on his face, you know you kind of need to change the narrative fast,” Fox News host Laura Ingraham said recently.

“Fox knows its viewers are all Biden’s age, right?” Kosta shot back Thursday night. “Doesn’t seem like the best strategy to s–t on your own audience. That’s why I never make fun of beautiful, charismatic big d–k geniuses, am I right?”

Kosta further noted it was a good thing that Fox News wasn’t around during FDR’s presidency. “I guess Frankie needs a chair to get himself around. And what is it with that blanket?” Kosta asked, pretending to be a correspondent for the network.

At the end of the day, “The Daily Show” isn’t just there to make fun of falling politicians; it’s there to help. That’s why the show introduced a new (and fictional) program: The Stair Sherpa. With just a few taps of the app, any politician can be carried up a flight of stairs by “a beefy man in your area.” Watch the full clip above.

Aside from the silly commercial, the main crux of Thursday night’s episode had to do with abortion laws around the country. In his opening monologue, Kosta likened Donald Trump’s abortion plan for each state to having their “own rules” for speed limits. “You know how sometimes the speed limit is 45 miles an hour, then down the road it’s 35 miles an hour? That’s how human rights are going to work now,” he said.

The Comedy Central host also mocked Arizona’s much-contested 1864 abortion law, saying that it’s being received “as well as O.J. Simpson at the pearly gates.”


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