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‘The Daily Show’ Proves How Alien Our Politicians Really Are (Video)

Because, well, actual aliens have similar campaign ads

By now, it is beyond the capabilities of humans to satirize the dysfunction of the American political system, so “The Daily Show” went extra-terrestrial to prove its point on Wednesday night.

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Jon Stewart and company took aim at the insanity of the issues and advertisements dominating the home-stretch of the midterm elections, with the host noting that we have left all Earth-bound rational thought behind.

“If aliens came down to Earth and watched our political ads they would think the Senate was an adult summer camp competition or some six-year pass to Dave & Buster’s,” Stewart cracked. “We got shootin’! Snow machines! Friday night’s keg night! C’mon down to the Senate!

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Then into the segment came Zorban 37, alias: Samantha Bee, to drive the point home.

Like Canada in 2004, Zorban may be receiving a flux of interest from potential emigrants by early November.