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‘The Daily Show’ Tackles Sexist GOP Political Ads Aimed at Birth Control-Chugging Women (Video)

Jon Stewart returns to the Comedy Central show after taking a sick day

Women voters are being targeted in some questionable campaign ads for the upcoming midterm elections. On Wednesday night’s “The Daily Show,” correspondent Kristen Schaal explained to Jon Stewart why Republicans are spending millions to draw female voters to the GOP.

“Republicans have finally figured out what’s most important to women: menfolk!” Schaal said. “Women don’t see candidates as potential leaders. We see them as possible soulmates. And Republicans are finally running ads to reflect that.”

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One such ad, sponsored by the College Republican National Committee, features a parody of the ABC reality series “The Bachelorette” in which a young woman chooses between two candidates – the annoying liberal or the dreamy Conservative.

A second ad parallels the Obama presidency to a romantic relationship gone wrong for the woman starring in the spot.

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“We gave Obama our hearts and all we got in return was this free birth control?” Schaal said, while revealing an enormous bowl of oral contraceptives.

Schaal then opened her mouth and poured the pills over herself, exclaiming: “so reckless!”

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But lest anyone think it’s only lady voters who can be reduce to a stereotype in campaign ads, Schaal then turned the tables, dressing in drag as a crotch-grabbing, beer-pounding, bro with a word of advice to male voters: “Vote Republican, if you’ve got the nads.”

Watch the video from Wednesday’s “The Daily Show” above.