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The First ‘Captain Marvel’ Reactions Are in: ‘Well, Thanos Is F—ed’

Marvel’s next film had its first screenings in Los Angeles on Tuesday

Hold on to your plumey helmets: Disney held the first public screenings for “Captain Marvel” Tuesday night, and just minutes after it ended, the joyous online reactions began.

Much praise was given to star Brie Larson and the film’s portrayal of Carol Danvers, the first female hero to lead a Marvel Studios film. But co-star Ben Mendelsohn was celebrated as the film’s “surprise MVP.” Also, pretty everyone agreed that a cat named Goose is wonderful.

“#CaptainMarvel doesn’t owe us anything, but holy wow does it deliver,” said ET Now’s Meredith B. Kile.

“Carol’s hero moment was very cathartic/true to the female experience,” said Den of Geek’s Kayti Burt.

And TheWrap’s Umberto Gonzalez was over the moon: “Here is my reaction: CAPTAIN MARVEL ABSOLUTELY SOARS!”

There was a little criticism too. Gregory Ellwood of The Playlist complained that it’s “slow and uninspired” in the first half, though he says it is “much better” in the second. And MovieFone editor Drew Taylor, who otherwise loved the film, also said it’s “a bit wobbly at times.”

But for the most part, people who saw it freaked out. Perhaps most interesting was what Angie Han of Mashable said: “Well, Thanos is f—ed.”

We have a pretty good idea why that might be the case: read how we think Captain Marvel is going to connect to the events of “Infinity War” here. And meantime, we have a lot of questions we can’t wait to get answered.

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