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‘The Flash’ Will Bring Back This Fan-Favorite Character for 150th Episode

She was last seen in the Season 5 finale before being erased from the prime timeline

“The Flash” will be making its 150th episode an even bigger family affair with the return of a fan-favorite character who was last seen on the Season 5 finale of The CW drama: Nora, a.k.a. XS (played by Jessica Parker Kennedy), Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris’ (Candice Patton) daughter from the future.

Kennedy will rejoin the show for multiple episodes of its currently airing seventh season, including the milestone 150th, which is now in production in Vancouver, a CW spokesperson for the series told TheWrap Tuesday.

Nora was first introduced in the fourth season of “The Flash” as a mystery character who kept coming across Team Flash during their adventures, with her true identity not disclosed until that season’s finale. Come Season 5, Nora helps Barry and Iris fight the villains Cicadas (Chris Klein and Sarah Carter) and Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh), as its revealed she traveled back in time because those big bads trained her in the future and manipulated her into helping them in their prison break.

Once Nora helps her parents defeat Cicadas and Eobard Thawne on the Season 5 finale, she is erased from the timeline due to the changes that had been made.

So when Kennedy reprises her role as Nora, we don’t actually know how she’ll be coming back or what this version of Nora will be like, given the alterations made to her history.

What we do know is she will be returning in an episode that also features the introduction of Bart Allen (played by Jordan Fisher), a.k.a. Impulse, the future son of Barry and Iris, who is said to be “the fastest teenager on the planet.” But in what way these two know each other in this timeline — if at all — is, again, unclear right now.

“The Flash” Season 7 premiered March 2 on The CW. The superhero series is produced by Bonanza Productions, Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television.